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Print your own waterproof labels, tags and signs!

TyTags Laser Labels, Tags and Signage are suitable for agricultural, horticultural, food, mechanical and electrical industries... anywhere where conditions are wet and/or harsh and applications are punishing.

These special products are completely waterproof. They are thermally stable and can withstand extreme cold and temperatures up to 200c. They are UV resistant, insect proof, resistant to most chemicals and food safe.

The TyTags Laser Label product range is extensive, providing 4 different label types in many sizes, plus signage in A4 and A3 sheets and banners.

TyTags tags and labels are provided on laser printable A4 sheets, die-cut and punched. Just print and you have tags ready to be used instantly.

Because of the thickness of the TyTags Laser Label product it is best printed on single pass, straight through feed colour or mono laser printers. For best print results TyTags Australia recommends a range of the powerful and robust Digital Colour Printers by OKI Printing Solutions.

Most of the TyTags Laser Label product can be printed both sides.

Economically priced and easy to use, the labels, tags and sign sheets are the ideal plant labelling solution for wholesale and retail nurseries, tube stock growers, horticulture and agricultural products, food industries, forestry, research, marine, mining, automotive, electrical, machinery and plant equipment maintenance and more.

The TyTags Laser Label products are made from imported material and manufactured in-house by TyTags Australia. Custom orders are available.


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